Welcome to Bosworth

Bosworth is a medium sized Company employing over 100 people specialising in the manufacture of in-house engineered conveyor pulleys.
Bosworth was established in 1943 and became the first Company in South Africa to produce fabricated pulleys. Bosworth was instrumental in developing conveyor pulleys to the currently popular designs used worldwide. We are continuously striving to improve on current designs as well as developing new designs and standards.
Over the years, Bosworth has manufactured conveyor pulleys to be exported throughout Africa and the rest of the world.
Through the use of latest design and manufacturing technology, we are capable of designing and manufacturing conveyor pulleys to cater for any application. We are also able to produce FEA’s for any pulley.

Bosworth is committed to manufacturing quality products at competitive prices.

Being ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 accredited ensures that design and manufacturing excellence are always maintained. Customer specifications are adhered to and only mill certified material and reputable bearing brands are used in the manufacturing processes.
In addition to the manufacture of conveyor pulleys, Bosworth also offers the following services:

Plate rolling

  • Bosworth is capable of rolling plates of thicknesses varying from 6mm to 80mm, with widths of up to 3000mm and diameter of 2000mm, depending on the plate thickness. Rolling, welding and re-rolling is also offered.

Heat treatment

  • Various heat treatment procedures, from stress relieving to hardening, are offered.

General Fabrication

  • Bosworth’s fabrication department specialises in the manufacture of mixer impellors for the mining industry. The fabrication department was recently contracted to manufacture, and successfully completed, the biggest vertical conveyor reeling drum in South Africa.