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Bosworth manufactures a wide variety of conveyor pulleys, including Turbine, T-Bottom and Static shaft versions. The company has the capability to do design checks on all types of pulleys based on the conveyor requirements, and these designs can also be verified by means of a Finite Element Analysis. In-house heat treatment of pulleys and shafts is carried out where required, and all pulleys can be either crowned or lagged.

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Turbine Pulley

Most suited for low to medium duty applications, with shaft diameters typically smaller than 200mm. The shafts on these pulleys can be removed for easy replacement, thus reducing possible repair costs. The hubs are designed to allow for flexion, thereby preventing high stress loads on the locking assemblies or welds.

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T-Bottom Pulley

Designed for heavy duty applications where a high torque transmission is demanded and supplied with shaft diameters >= 200mm depending on the torque requirements. With a face-welded pulley, the shell to hub weld is located outside the high-stress area within the end plate.

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Static Shaft Pulley

For non-driven applications only, these pulleys can be mounted on the conveyor structure in various ways. Without the need for locking elements, the shaft deflection can be increased, thus reducing the required shaft sizes. The final pulley diameters are now driven by the conveyor belt bending parameters and not by the stresses induced by the locking elements.


Bosworth can supply crowned pulleys, on request, with Full, Standard or Edge Crowning. Pulley crowning is not recommended for Steel Cord Conveyor Belting. Except for Ceramic Paste lagging crowning is achieved by machining the pulley face to the required profile.
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Hot Vulcanised natural or flame retradant rubber lagging, in various thicknesses, is an in-house offering. Ceramic tiles, paste, or rubber-backed lagging can also be supplied, depending on customer requirements.

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Standard Pulley Terminology & Components

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Pulley Refurbishment

Bosworth pulleys are designed to last under the harshest of heavy duty mining conditions and other industrial applications, incorporating refurbishing as a design feature. Subject to assessment, this allows the most costly parts of the pulley being the shell and shaft to be salvaged and reused safely. Each and every pulley that can be potentially refusbished is subject to dissasembly and inspection. This allows for a through and detailed assessment of the condition of the pulley and the generation of a report supplied to the customer wherein the reapir recommendations and refusbishment pricing is laid out.

This process ensures that the information given is both accurate and reliable, allowing our customers to make an informed decision regarding the future of their valuable pulley assets.

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Installation Locations

Bosworth has been a global supplier for over 70 years, and as the map above shows, has established lasting relationships in every important market. The company enjoys a reputation for delivery products manufactured to the highest quality standards, with over 50% of sales derived from exports.

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