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Wear Linings

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Rubber Sheeting & Lining

  • Bosworth supplies the full range of premium wear & corrosion solution products.
  • Wear lining rubber is a versatile and durable solution for a wide range of corrosion and wear protection applications. Lining rubber is designed primarily to be applied as a lining to protect your equipment from the damaging effects of abrasion and impact forces or chemical attack.
  • Applications can be made to storage tanks, vessels, circulation water piping, condensers, water box, pipes, heat exchanger systems, pumps, cyclones, bins & hoppers, scrubbers, conveyor discharge chutes and transportation lorries.
  • The company manufactures seals, gaskets and mouldings.
  • Rubber sheeting is available as steam-cured, chemicalcured as well as pre-cured, in thickness ranging from 1.5 mm to 50mm.
  • Uncured sheets made according to SABS 1198-1978 specifications are available from 3mm to 12 mm in thickness.
  • Standard sheet size is 1200 mm x 1200mm with other sizes supplied on request.
  • Sheet range comprises natural rubber, neoprene, nitrile and butyl


A full range of rubber bonding adhesives is available, with specific formulations for the relevant products.

  • Linabond AB: Ideal for bonding to rubber, metal and to fabric, this comes with a 2 year shelf life. Capable of a
    bond strength of 40 Kg per square inch, with proper preperation.
  • Linabond Primer: Provides excellent protection against corrosion while enahncing adesion between the rubber lining and the substrate
  • Linaclean Solvents are used to clean rubber and steel:
    1. Linaclean 41: For removing buffing dust, oil, and grease, it also assissts with stripping of old rubber
    2. Linaclean 40: A slower drying chemical used to remove buffing dust, oil, and grease, as well as old
    3. Linaclean 40B: Perfect for cleaning rubber and steel, it also removes oil and grease
  • Linatreat A&B: Used for treating natural rubber, this modifies the rubber surface through halogenation,
    thereby priming the rubber.
  • Linafill: This self-curing Polyurethane product is used for sealing corners and joints.
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High Alumina Ceramic Tiling

This ceramic is extremely resistant to wear and corrosion, with a very high Alumina content: this ceramic material is second only to diamond in hardness. Bosworth installs a wide range of wear protection in areas such as chutes, pipes, underpans, cyclones, and tanks.

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Installation Locations

Bosworth has been a global supplier for over 70 years, and as the map above shows, has established lasting relationships in every important market. The company enjoys a reputation for delivery products manufactured to the highest quality standards, with over 50% of sales derived from exports.

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